17 ponder vs US 90 mm

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The 17 pdr wins easily.

And for future reference the penetration of APCR rounds decrease drastically with impact angle compared to APCBC rounds.
Compare the US 90 mm to the British 17 pounder

90mm: Shell wt = 10.94 kg, mv = 808 m/s; KE = 3.57 mega-joules (.77 kg TNT)

17pdr (76.2mm): Shell wt = 7.71 kg, mv = 884 m/s; KE = 3.01 mega-joules (.65 kg TNT)

Never mind the oversizing/ hull thickness ratio.

Sure and the M36B1 (M4A3 90MM) Jackson never existed in WWII , just on the "Our Vehicles" page of the Official US Army WWII Tank Destroyers Society web page.

WWII Tank Destroyers

You know, the one marked M36B1..:rolleyes:
The KE of the projectile doesn't matter if you don't divide it by surface area.

And about the M-36 Jackson, sure it existed, never said othewise, on the other hand a Jumbo with a 90mm M1A1 doesn't ;)
I thought since the 90mm gun was bigger diameter then it is more powerful??? :D

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