2 Firsts for Fighter Pilot

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Apr 14, 2005
niagara falls
F/Sgt Omer Levesque RCAF was the first pilot to shoot down a FW 190 on 22 nov 1941 and the first commonwealth pilot to shoot down a Mig 15 on 30 Mar 1951 it also made him an ace in a career in which he was a Pow from 1942 -1945
And...The last MiG kill of the Korean War was the 1st for Lt. Sam Young on July 23, 1953. He'd flown 34 missions without once engaging and E/A. He came out of a turn and saw for MiGs below. Three broke but he lined up on the other and fired 1,600 rounds at it. It flipped over smoking and went down.
at the end of the day though it most fighters you've only got fuel enough for one, maybe two dogfights before you gotta go home, there's no huge advantage to being able to take out 5 planes with one load of ammo when you've got fuel for two, and besides, you'll have plenty of ammo back at base there's no use trying to conserve it, i'd use whatever it takes to get a kill because like you say, a kill's a kill and an ace's an ace even if he uses twice as much ammo per plane then other aces, eventually he'll get better...........

on a side noe that's quite a remarkable achievement.........
I guess he was the one to come up with the "invasion stripe" makings first used on the inital F-86s to arrive in Korea - He suggested the scheme to Col. John Meyer so there would be no ID mix-up during air combat.



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