21st Century 1/32 A6M3 Zero model 22

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Oct 1, 2012
This is the kit I bought at Duxford Air show a couple of Sundays ago. It's an interesting kit that should be screwed together(I won't be) but some gluing is required.
The office is very well detailed with but the moulding is a little crude. I will try and clean up most of the flash but they should look ok. No sprues on this one in fact no part numbers in the instructions but the sub assemblies are bagged up so there shouldn't be any problems. The engine has both rows of pistons and includes the pushrods. Panel lines are a little deep on the wings and fuselage but no worse than some older models.


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Wayne I was going to ask you, you've built Zeros in the past and I believe that the final finish on the paint work was in fact gloss?
I have made some progress with cleaning up the office parts and have primed and top coated them followed with some detail painting. The pilots seat seems a bit on the small size looks more like 1/48 scale, maybe that was the size, but it will do I'm not going to scratch build one. Engine and pushrods have been sprayed Aluminium and a wash added.


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Good stuff Vaughan. I built one of these some time ago, as an 'Arado 290', licence-built German version - entirely fictitious of course !
Pity we didn't know you were going to Duxford - you could have met-up with the 'gang' and come to the BBQ.


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Wayne I was going to ask you, you've built Zeros in the past and I believe that the final finish on the paint work was in fact gloss?

On the early Zeroes yes up to the Model 22, if you go with the overall Olive-Grey colour, if you add Dark green to the upper surface it would be a semi Gloss to satin type finish as the Green was a different composition, further on in the war the Green was a satin to Matt finish.
Terry it was a bit of a last minute thing with Duxford what with the heart attack and all that it would have been nice to have met, maybe next year? Your Arado looks very impressive. Thanks Wayne for confirming about the finish of the paint work I will keep it in mind.
I understand Vaughan. I'll possibly be at one at DX show at least next year, but not sure yet, as Karl and I are hoping to go to Arnhem and the Ardennes.
But have a look at the BoB 75 threads, as we're planning a larger meet at 'Legends' in 2017, with members hopefully coming from Canada, the USA, Australia and Europe.

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