325th Fighter Group P-51 - Checkertails Pics wanted

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Sep 11, 2007
Looking for pictures of 325th FG - Checkertail P-51D Mustangs. In particular looking for pics of mounts named Stout Burr Bon, Hell's Outcast, and Belligerent Betts, but all pics are welcome.
well a little something, my pics of the 325th fg are buried


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Thanks, I like the one in the background. Don't think I've seen a 325th aircraft with a Checkered nose as well.
friend, sometimes the rear checkers really came down the fuselage and not just around the tail surface, that was a real late war mod and not on all a/c as ace and friend Art Fiedler told me. his a/c did not have this I am having PC probs this morn sadly so downloading is becoming a real pain in the arse

hopeful I can bring up more later for you

E ~
Unfortumately I've found a colour profil of "Belligerent Betts" and a pic of another a/c of 325FG only.:(
Source unknown.


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Thanks, that profile is very helpful. Not a lot of Pics of this Group on the net. Have a couple books on the 325th, but not a lot of pics of particular aircraft.
Yes,it's true really not a lot of pics in Internet.I have some early B/C version in some books and magazines but not P-51Ds
Got one book on the Checkertails with a lot of pictures, but other than that one there is not much information on them. I'm sure there was just more public interest and emphasis on the England based 8th AF than the other theaters.
well the 31st and the 325th fg's were the hard core killers in the 15th AF. anyone think that photography of the units A/C was not permissable ? It happened with the LW time and time again esepcially with the Night fighters
Nice pics Eagle.:)
It seems that the description "Belligerent Betts" on P-51D in the first pic wasn't yellow like in the colour profile, I've found. What is more, the strip around the fuselage ,where the Chackertail painting starts ,looks to me like a yellow one but not black as the profile shows.
Here are some 325th FG photos. I have quite a few in my collection. The stripe that boarders the checkerboard is red.

P-51D #00 s/n 44-63165 Maj Grant Smith

Lt Terry's B

1Lt Carl Morey 318/325

Maj Smith has a beer after his ME-109 kill

Capt Bill Whisler 318/325

Grant Smith RD Newell

Capt Harry Parker 318/325 KIA
Hello, I'm looking for some pics, color profile or description of camouflage of P-51D-15-NA s/n 44-15357 with nickname "Stonewall II" and number 43. Pilot was 2/Lt.William C. Margetts, he crash landed near Pelhrimov city, Czech republic at 28th December 1944 01:10PM after engine failure.
Hi, here is one black and white comming out of Squadron Signal Publication,
The Checkertails.
The n°43 is in second position.


You should try to ask directly to vets sites or fighters squadrons sites.
The guys are always happy to talk and send informations.
Hope this can help you.
Hello! I just joined up. My grandfather was Lt. Joseph Harper, and he flew in the 318th FS. His P-51C was shot down on an escort mission to Ploesti on June 24, 1944. He was shot down by Erich Hartmann.

Anyway, I have found most of the info on his plane number (it was 42), reports of his last skirmish, etc. (he died when I was a baby, so I was never able to find this stuff out from him).

But if anyone would have any pics of him, his plane, or even know if his plane had a name/nose art, I'd truly appreciate it.

And if there is another section on this site where I can ask such stuff, that'd be swell, too. Thanks in advance!
I have forwarded your questions over to Art Fiedler, who was in the 317th, but he knows a lot of the surviving vets and is a member of the 325th FG association.

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