345th Bomb Group and others

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Oct 14, 2020
About forty-five years ago I saw a fiction book based on the "Air Apaches" in James Thin's bookshop in Edinburgh (the ral Edinburgh, Scotland :)). Stupidly I did not buy it at the time and bought Saburo Sakai's autobiography and a fiction book by Martin Caidin (now lost). I still have the Sakai book but not the Caidin fictional P-38 fighter novel. I'd like both so can anyone tell me titles?

Also I once encountered an american novel about the Pacific war where the war does not end in 1945. It is specifically set in the first years post-1945, and it's based around an american pilot. Does anyone know what it might be?

Testing you chaps but recent replies to my other obscure enquiries gives me hope :)

Best regards


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