355FG - 2007 Reunion - Sept 6-9 Savannah

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Jun 28, 2006
Scurry, Texas
The 355th FG is holding its annual re-union in Savannah. This association may be unique in that it is inclusive of not only the vets of the Fighter Group during WWII but also the Post War 355TFW, and second generation folks (like myself) as both members and officers. It is one of the few Fighter Groups which has an extraondinary record of valor and service from WWII through today in the Middle East.

This Unit has two MOH and 12 AFC/DSC's during two wars and has the highest number of casualties in MIA/KIA/POW combined all wars than any other Fighter Group.

Interestingly enough, its F105s dropped more than 200,000 tons of bombs on North Viet Nam and shot down 21 MiGs... more tonnage than 35% of all tonnage dropped by all B-17s during WWII in every theatre.


Bill, members of the 2nd Scouting Force will also be in attendance yes ?

last question who is the 355th fg rep now ? I need to send in dues for the year

E wishing he could attend in Georgia

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