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2nd Lieutenant
Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Hi everyone,

I just made my 300th post on this site since some half year I'm the member. I know it's nothing when compared to admins' number of posts but it's still a number that says I'm not a "newbie memebr".

When I registered here those days back, I thought "ah, another bunch of offensive cretins here..." and so I started a bit roughly... :lol:

Now I must say it's a very nice place here, with lot of nice people and it almost became my 2nd home forum (the no.1 is still simhq.com).

It is quick here, you people are interesting and funny (sometimes too crazy though...) and very interesting topics sometimes. Keep up the fun!

Thanks for being a part of this!

Congrats on 300 posts 8) I passed my 15,000th this morning, some 50 x more posts than you :lol: Glad you like it here though, when you first joined I thought you were the crazy one! :lol:
Im not. Although not a member till a couple of weeks after you, I observed your early days during our English lessons in IT3 :lol:
oops, just realised that 3k would be 3,000... in czech slang we call the 100 Crown paper money a "kilo"... so that's probably why I mistoke it...
2 hours a night? DOuble it to 4 hours a night and you approch the minimum :lol:

But I had a 2 and a half month absence from the site too remember ;)
Pisis said:
okay, this is a nice thread to ask you a few questions:

CC, what is a moron?

Lanc, what does your sig means?

Thanks! ;)

A moron is a phrase you say to a a waitress if you think you havent got enough food on you plate, ie. "Can I have moron?"
"reminds me of the time i sank the Tirpitz" comments a spitfire pilot "one pass of course, old boy"

what doesthe "one pass of course, old boy" stands for? Does the whole sentence says a spit pilot or is it a dialog with spit pilot and a boy? :confused:


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