4.12 Patch comes out for stock Il-2

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Finally, another patch, I will DL it at a later point, mmm from what I hear, its another gradual improvement in a long line of many.. well done Team Daidalos etc. I wonder, how is it verses 4.11.1 (hotfixed version)?
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Upon a 'PC' VB, there is apparently a version based upon CLOD (CLiffs Of Dover) methinks for the 360 and onwards X-Box.

This game has been ongoing since 2001 (and I have on and off been flying within it since '03), and is reputed to be one of the top aero combat simulators - generally now that 1C are gifting the development to Team Daidalos, it is still trying to keep true to Oleg 'Maddox' vision of realism over arcade-y-ness; something that you wouldn't necessarily notice if you only visit 1C's forum.

There can be a lot of posters there asking for uber this and nerf that, but generally realism and supported facts work behind the scenes gameplay wise, and new and sometimes forced improvements in control options and features are added - forced by generally friendly completion from the mod teams development rivalries of UP, SAS1946/DBW Historymod etc....
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I've not played this in several years but really loved it when I did. I modded my versions with some outside versions (all something arcade????) that gave me me a 6DOF capability and more realistic engine sounds but stopped there. Probably wrecked for any more official upgrades. So, if I wanted to upgrade from the original IL2 1946, would would the sequence of official mods be?
I haven't downloaded it yet. To be honest, with the available ModPacks and 4.11, 4.12 doesn't seem to offer that much new compared to some of the earlier Daidalos patches, although I would like to step into the Ki-45's real cockpit. I'll probably wait until UP or HSFX has an updated modpack designed for 4.12 before patching my existing stock 4.11.1. May never happen. It seems like the mod community for Il2 is gradually getting smaller and smaller

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