8th Air Force B-17 navigator wants to meet you

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This Yank 8th Air Force B-17 navigator (35 missions against the 3rd Reich) will be answering questions, signing copies of my epic novel, participating in forums and generally trying very hard not to make too much a fool of myself before my adoring public at the Flying Legends Air Show at Duxford on July 9 and at the Aircrew Forum at Bletchley Hall on July 12. Perhaps some of you blokes may wish to meet with me.
Sam Halpert www.b17sam.com
A Real Good War
wow a real veteran on here!! welcome, and i hope you enjoy your stay, it sounds like you could have allot to bring the site!!

and sorry if i start slagging off the B-17 too much.........
A brief reply to queries on my original post to this forum ---
1. I enjoyed and participated in the previous incarnation of this WWII Forum until it ran into some problems a few months ago. I have returned after receiving an e-mail from the administrator advising me of its revival.
2. Perhaps my post was somewhat promotional, but it was intended as an invitation, and it was and is sincere.
3. I completed 35 B-17 missions as navigator with the 324th Squadron (home of the Memphis Belle), 91st Bomb Group at Bassingbourn.
4. For pictures and information about my tour, go to www.b17sam.com
5. This visit to the U.K. shall perhaps be a bit different than the one I made in '44. I look forward to meeting you again.
Sam Halpert
I may well bump into you Mr Halpert as I'm down at Duxford this weekend
The comment you made about your UK visit being somewhat different to 1944 rings very true as a lot of my old mans comrades have said the self same thing to me on visiting the D-Day landing grounds.If you're not swamped by admirers and autograph hunters I would like the honour of shaking your hand sir. If I don't see you I hope your visit is a pleasant one and I am sure it will stir some sad as well as happy memories for you.
Sam good to see you here on these forums. We have chatted together on ww2n as well as privately in the past. Gents please welcome one of USA's B-17 veterans if you will..........

E ~
Welcome, Sam. I hope I'll get the chance to shake your hand on July 9th, as I'll be in Duxford.
Not if I beat you to him Mossie and warn him :) see you there Mos Ive got six hours of video tape do you think thats enough ?:p

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