A Lancaster

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Jun 15, 2005
Deep in suburban Surrey
I make a Lancaster in Illustrator, then added all the shading and colours in Photoshop:


But I am not really happy with it.

So now I am back in Illustrator trying to do the whole job there - just finished shading the bomb so far:

not bad, however the bomb is the wrong shape in the second image, the shape of the first bomb is more accurate however it should have the colours of the second bomb, next the engine in the second image should only be brown on top, as in the first image, and loose the roundel under the wing, only early war light bombers carried them, finally the white bar in the fin flash should be allot thinner, other than that, good work!..........
I thought the bombe was correct in the first one too, until I saw a photo that is..

There is definitely a 'flat' section in the centre unless my eyes are playing tricks:


Thanks for the comments! 8)
Thanks for the tips - I have a question now: Were the 'Grand Slam' raids done in daylight? If so, should my machine be pale (duck egg?) blue underneath? or still black? :?:
I have fixed that now :)

Still need to get an opinion on the paint scheme - should the underside be black? or blue? (this was a daylight operation I believe) :confused:
for a daylight operation i would describe it as a light grey.............


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not too bad, and gnomey the side profile i posted was of a post war 15 Sqn aircraft, during the war 617sqn did have it darker, but i see clave's done it post war anyway........

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