A problem with displaying of the site using the FORUM top button

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Jun 19, 2005
Hi Guys,

Has anybody had any trouble with displaying of the site or the site refreshing, using the top button "FORUM" for instance? ( Internal server error http 500 )
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OK. Thank you for your answer Maria. But could you post what the OS and the net browser you use?
I have encountered our old problem of being an attack site. I set my Firefox to reject attack sites and when I hit my bookmark it listed us as an attack site and wouldn't open, Had to go back an unselect it. I thought this was taken care of?
It should have been.... However it might be a fault of your cookies. Just your Firefox uses these used when the warning was issued.
Thank you guys. Exactly the same happened to me using both IE6+Win98SE and Firefox+Vista OS.

Any problems with accessing PMs ?
i have trouble opening the sticky posts like new kit purchases/bought etc but keep being told its my end i don't have trouble with anything else on the site,i'm running windows xp and macafey
i get an error message saying cannot open the site maybe experencing problems refresh to try again,when you refresh you get the same message,i'm not computer savvy so it could be my end but i don't have this trouble anywhere else,i moderate for the DLOC website and we had issues with unsafe posts being put on the site so we had to set the site firewalls higher to stop it,is it possable that the site security is stopping me from opening these type of posts
OK. THX for the info. Does the DLOC stand for Daimler and Lanchester Owners' Club ?
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