A sample of my band(Tin Soul)

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Cool. Glad you liked it. We recorded it in stereo so it may be just something when it plays on a lap top or perhaps the site I uploaded it to.
Michael, Nicely done there was actually a melody and I could actually understand about 90% of the verse.
PLEASE understand that I'm a child of the '60s and my taste in music is dinosaurian by today's standards so absolutely no criticism meant or intended I wish you all the success in the world
Nice track. The chord progression for the most part is fairly familiar which made me like it more than the others. Although I no longer play well due to age, injury, and lack of practice, I grew up learning to play songs like Love is Strange, Heart and Soul, Bulldog, Church Key, etc. Wish you well and lots of success. I'm sure that Mike remembers those.
Thanks for the kind words guys. And for the wishes of success with the music although...... I'm probably a bit old for that now( very few people get sighned in there mid 50s). It's mostly a labor of love at this point.
Nice, you got a nice crunchy sound. I like it.
Thanks. Ya, im pretty happy with my sound. I've had the same guitar/ amp for almost 20 years. This is a good thing as most musicians I know apparently aren't and acquire new equipment the the way most of the guys here acquire new model kits, and trust me new guitars and amps are way more pricey.

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