A380 first flight vid clip

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Apr 6, 2005
I know it was a week or so ago but I have only just got around to making a vid clip of this momentous event for European aviation. Nice piece - my only gripe being the lack of non-French flight crew.

Regular viewers of my vids will be pleased to know I have re-found the vid I made of the Lanc over Bletchley Park....


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Thanks - it is an incredible achievement.

Sometimes the Beeb does a good job, shame their presenters are so inarticulate, over-prone to puns and ill-informed blondie dwarf speechimpedimentoids... etc.
May it have software problems and bugs that keep it out of the air for decades. That is my curse on all the big jumbos for taking over from an airplane that should have been the future of airtransport- the Concorde.
A step backwards in technology but it was an economic nightmare. It couldn't hold itself up. When they get a super-sonic airliner bigger, then it'll work.
The problem with the Concorde it was to expensive to fly. It cost more then the airlines had to give out on it. They should have checked with the military to see how much they pay to keep there smaller fighters up in the air first.
He should not have fallen! No anyways the stairways are caged off so that know one can fall but the planes are also much higher. They are set up as to be in flight.
Adler, that should be "no one", not "know one". Nice way to introduce myself, I know, but I've been lurking here for a while and that was bugging me. :D

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