Abandoned up North....

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much of it is just plain garbage and has been gone over by archaeologists-aviation researchers. the other thing is where are you going to take it when some of it weighs too much to move by hand even for two guys ?

better left as a unwritten memorial to those that fell
dinos a big part of it is that the German wrecks are that, damaged over time, sun and sea air, snow. the paint is gone, the ID numbers can barely be read, everyone and their cousin it seems has been handling the debris, tearing it, pulling and removing.

and yes your brothers vehicle should be left where it was hit as a testimonial to those defending Iraq and our freedoms. My hat is off to your brother...........
I've dealt with finding and identifying wrecks with the Civil Air Patrol and a lot of times, no one wants them! I had to mark these things so when a real plane was missing, they weren't mistaken for a present day wreck. Lots of times they are hard to find and get to, but once you come across them you can't help shed a tear for those who perished at that site. Its also real hard to haul off this stuff when its on a 7,000 foot peak on a 30 degree angle!

And Dinos, I an very sorry to hear about your brother, I read about him in another link. My deepest sympathies and prayers are with you and your family.

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