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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
Several WW1 aces emerged in WW2, the most famous who comes to mind is Theo Osterkamp (32 kills WW1, 6 more in WW2). I also know of a French WW1 ace Maurice Arnoux who was KIA in 1940. I don't know if he had any kills in WW2.

Does anyone know of additional WW1 aces who flew or became aces in WW2? :-k
Oh yea! Gabreski, Blesse, Meyers, etc. I'm wondering though if there were any others from the "Great War" other than "Uncle Theo." I would guess that the French and Italians might have one or two. I know many WW1 Fighter pilots flew bombers in WW2.

Wouldn't think any from Russia though - Uncle Joe took care of that!
I know that William Avery Bishop was an ace in WW I (72 victories) and was still in service in WW II, but he was Air Marshal in charge of recruitment... so he didn't flew during that war.

During WW I, he earned :

Military Cross
Croix de Guerre (France)
Distinguished Flying Cross
Distinguished Service Order with Bar
Legion of Honor (France)
Victoria Cross



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Yeah, the old man was used to inspire young fellas to sign up. The Great War ace!

I'll have to look into WWI aces that actually went on to fly fighters operationally in WWII, but I can't think of any right off.
Well most of them were not aces but there actually several pilots that scored kills in both wars.

Major Dr. Albrecht Ochs - WW1 1 Victory, WW2 5 Victories
Major Dr. Erich Mix - WW1 3 Victories, WW2 13 Victories
Generalmajor Theodor Osterkamp - WW1 32 Victories, WW2 6 Victories
Oberst Harry von Bülow-Bothkamp - WW1 6 Victories, WW2 18 Victories
Oberstleutnant Alfred Mueller - WW1 2 Victories, WW2 3 Victories
Major Gerhard Hubrich - WW1 12 Victories, WW2 2 Victories
Here is some more that I just found, not all of them aces in both wars though.

Alexander von Winterfelt - WW1 - 4 kills, WW2 - 11 kills
Eduard von Schleich - WW1 - 25 kills, WW2 - ??

Schleich flew in a dive bomber squadron and then in JG-131 until the end of the war. Have not found anything on his kills in WW2 as of yet.
I went through some books I had and came up withthe same names you posted. As time permits I'm going to try to locate some French pilots.
:) - Hey, do you ever go the site "The Aerodrome," good ww1 stuff, that's where I got some good info. I'm trying to get some info on Italian pilots. Many from the Spanish Civil War that were "double aces."

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