Adolf Galland

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Jul 3, 2007
Hi, I'm Building a Modal of His ME-109e and I am looking for a good pic of the insignia on the top of the tail so I can put it on mine. I already have the Mickey mouse and the "s" insignia.
The insignia on his tail was a record of his kills and awards and as such changed with the dates and the awards. What you need to do is pick a time frame, say October 1940 and either research what the insignia would be or ask some of the LW experts on here what would it look like.
Is there anywhere I can get a clear pic of this on Gallands tail? I'm trying to get the 69 peace for my 109.
and color profile

Look at the visor. Its a straight forward telescoop. No projection type. Also along with his ash tray something he put in the machine.


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