Air France A-340 crashes at Toronto airport

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It's not really a wreckage. It was just a slight over-shoot. Everyone was already off the aircraft by the time it caught fire. It was a pilot error, he over-shot the runway.
I am thinking mechanical failure. The aircraft was already on the ground I believe and that could mean something wrong with the brakes or the thrust reversers.
If the pilot was flying through adverse weather he definitely was shooting a GPS or ILS approach which in either case should of put him down perfectly. What I suspect is he got into windshear, the plane detected the drop in airspeed (the whole bloody thing is computerized) and automatically throttled up the aircraft (a feature on Airbus aircraft). As the windshear settled, they were halfway down the runway, too fast, too high and too long - the rest is history.....
I think you are probably 100% correct. Windshear is a bad bad problem. Most airports now though should have special equipment to detect windshear though, I was watching a nice documentary on it a while back.
We'll find out for sure after the investigation. Leave the experts to it...
I would not want to try and pic through that stuff. I picked through an Apache crash once, not to investigate but to help find the remains and it was just a big mess.
Crash recoveries are the worst. I had to do some in my day and they are never pleasant. Even worse when you know, or knew the people whose parts you're picking up.
Well, lucky for these investigators they're only picking up machine parts. And I know why it crashed, NS did it! He's the only person that lives in, it must have been him...

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