Airbus' jet clips building at airshow.

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You know, this is the second time the wingtip on that behemoth has struck something. With the size and weight of cameras these days, you would thing that they could put a wingtip camera in there for taxiing the aircraft. I have a HD video camera that was $300 and weighs 4 ounces. It can't be that hard to put something like that in there.
This is a similar problem to classic warbirds crashing. I think its about time action was taken on these Super Jumbos, they are too big and shouldnt be allowed to land!
I dont know how it works with a Super Jumbo, can the pilot even see the wings from his seat? The crash was at Le Bourget which isnt normal territory for an A380. That said bumping an Airbus into a wall at an airshow in France is a big oops by someone.
Don't the pilots have directorys that tell them how wide runways and taxiways are at each major airport ? And they know their wingspan./?
Yes, they do. And all air show participants, air and ground, have a full briefing (in the UK anyway) covering everything, including marshalling facilities, restrictions etc.
Two thoughts and a note.

I assume the pilot was following the taxi centerlines and was briefed of all clearances.

It's an airshow, so they cram 'em in for display. But there is a reason why they have ground crews with voice comm to the cockpit.

This plane is stuffed with cameras for taxiing purposes.

What an F up.
After seeing the photo, this wasn't "clipping" a building. There was obviously not enough clearance. There are several people that could be responsible for this happening, but ultimately the PIC is the one who should have seen it coming.


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Oh come on Evan was the ground crew blind or something,jeez!!Hit the brake,I guess get the tractor and pull it back and lets start over.
I guess there was no one walking at the wing tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You suppose the air show has enough insurance to cover that "little" mishap??????

"Hello Triple A, can I help you"?
I dont know why anyone is surprised. This is at a Paris airport, have you seen how Parisians park cars? The pilot was probably just tryin to make some more room.

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