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Sep 17, 2005

I am doing research into a Junkers JU88 which was shot down over Kirkintilloch/lennoxtown in Scotland and was hopping some might help with the colour markings of the aircraft i.e camouflage, number colours insignia. And any other historical facts about the aircraft and the crew. Heres all the information I currently have.
JU 88 A/5 w/n 0662 build by Junkers FW Dressau November 1940. Code M2+CK of 2 Staffel. 1 grouppe kustenfliegergruppe 106, luftflotte 3 based at Dinard on the Sherbourne Peninsula Northern France.

Let me check out one of my books. It supposadly has every aircraft used by the Luftwaffe with there codes and markings in it. I seriously doubt thought that it has everyone so I can not guarantee that it will have it.
Hi Der Adler,

Hpoe youre keeping your head down sunshine!!

Could you tell me the name of the book with the luftwaffe codes? i have the RAF fighter command Bomber command ones by WR Chorley and am looking for ones along similar lines for the Luftwaffe.

Yeap that is it.

Luftwaffe Codes, Markings, and Units 1939 - 1945 by Barry C. Rosch

I am not sure on the lagitimacy of this book or its accuracy though. I still have not found that Ju-88 that he is talking about and I doubt that I will find it because the book does not deal with losses that much now that I have skimmed through it some more. I will continue looking though, it is a really big book.

Hey Erich what can you tell me about Barry C. Rosch. Is it a pretty accurate book and legit?
I have found some info now on you aircraft. It says that it was a Ju-88A-4. I do not have any pictures of it though. It only shows a picture of M2+AK and M2+FK. Unfortunatly it does not help you but it only accounts for one loss from this group and that was Ju-88C-6 (360018) coded 3E+AY and was lost on Aug. 20, 1942. Obviously this was not there only loss but it is the only one that they briefly mention for this unit.

Sorry I can not be of any help.
Barry is a code enthusiast or I should say historian and he runs a quartlerly journal mostly covering unpublished photos sent in by it's members with questions about the codes on the a/c. I was a member of this "Luftwaffe Verband" for about 5 years but got totally bored with the contens of the periodical as it was hashing out the same old what if's. pretty interesting photos displayed though. Will admit the bi yearly membership list was the most interesting piece of information I received all year from him with most probably the most important Luftwaffe historians on the planet.....
Barry's book is THE book on codes and comes in hardback and softback. the guy is pretty non commital with information and does have an e-mail which he does not share frequently, a private man which is alright by me.....
I have the hard back book. It was one of my Birthday gifts form my wife.

For being a personal man it lists his home address so that you can send him corrections of mistakes that he may have made.

The part that find the most intersting is the last section dealing with unknown markings. There is some quite fascinating stuff.

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