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Aug 21, 2006
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Just out of curiousity here, what's your favourite airliner, paintscheme and all that?
Mine are as you already know the Boeing 377 Stratoliner and the Lockheed Constellation...
Have to admit that I quite like the DeHavilland Comet as well....
This thread may only be 1 post old but I'm already a little disgusted that Concorde hasn't been mentioned yet! Especially in her post-re-launch livery, without a doubt the second greatest airliner ever, after the Lancastrian, of course ;)

Good call on the Comet though, the Constellation is also a fine looking bird. The VC-10's beautiful as well.
DC-2, Constellation, MD-90 and 757.

DC-2 with Northwest Airlines livery.

There nothing more beautiful than a polished aluminum Connie. Nothing.

MD-90. Super quiet if you are fortunate enough to sit in the front end.

757 with the landing gear down. Tall elegant and nice lines. Yes the comparison can be made. ;)
Don't get carried away guys, the Connie's not bad but compare her to a Concorde and she looks like something our dog would throw up ...

As an aside, BA have recently launched a new advertising campaign which I think is rather good, lots of historical aircraft to have a look at


The 'DH9' is actually the Shuttleworth Collection's DH51, that actual airframe is the first aircraft ever registered in Kenya! The Rapide, DC-3 and VC-10 bits were filmed at Duxford (not long after I went, grrrr...) both the Rapide and the DC-3 were repainted just for the add!

this would be my bird <3 you might recognize this as the only connie painted in the livery of Transcontinental and Western Air. this is the C-69 with Howard Hughes at the controls flying from Burbank to Washington, nonstop


I like this one, too <3


a NWA connie!


but it's not just the connie, the DC-6 is my fave Douglas bird <3
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757 :cool:


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I was working at Heathrow when Concorde was still in service.On the tarmac area people would still turn to watch her land and take off.
I used to wonder at the sheer power needed to get the long haul 747 in the air but, Concorde was unique and very special.
Will there be another like her?
Who knows..
I don't have any favourite aircraft, military or civilian, but as far as airliners go, and in no particular order, I have soft spots for:
Vickers Viscount
Bristol Britannia
Airspeed Ambassador
Douglas DC3
Lockheed Constellation
DH Comet... oh, and the DH Dove !

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