"All of Vlad's forces and all of Vlad's men, are out to put Humpty together again." (3 Viewers)

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''...Allvin said air superiority demands consistent capacity and coordination with other domains to fully exploit the battlefield, an area where both Russia and Ukraine have been lacking.

"Neither side has been able to have much of a continued momentum," the general said. "Largely, because they haven't been able to control from the air and be able to support a combined arms operation."

Last month, the Air Force's Vice Chief of Staff, Gen. James C. "Jim" Slife, also explored the shifting dynamics of air superiority, citing the explosion of small, one-way attack drones on the frontlines of Ukraine and against U.S. outposts in the Middle East. Slife cited the defense of Israel against Iranian drone attacks in April as an example of an effective layered air defense, where the U.S. and its partners intercepted missiles and drones launched from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Allvin also cited the significance of the episode.

"There's a lot that went into what turned out to be a quite successful response to the salvo that Iran tried, because, had that succeeded, that might have definitely blown the top off, but it didn't," said Allvin.



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