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Is it enough to show how much I love tea?

In the Nav I got acclimated to "boiler scale remover" coffee, which doesn't seem to exist here on the outside. Then our local coffee roaster company came out with "No Surrender", which will dissolve the scale without etching those delicate tubes. Hallelujah!
I'm not a tea-drinker, unless it's unsweetened iced-tea, so have nothing to offer there.

I don't know where you are, but here my favorite coffee beans are both good-quality and affordable ($8 for an 13-oz can), brand is called "Java Beans and Joe" and they're sourced world-wide so they have about ten varieties at my local store. I like their Sumatran Mandheling and Ugandan beans best, myself.


Like X XBe02Drvr , I like my coffee strong. What I don't finish I should be able to use as paint-thinner.
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Black-peach tea, medium on the cream, light to medium on the sugar. I usually am not a tea drinker but I quite like this blend. I usually buy the brand "Stash", but I have had several brands and they were all pretty good. It can be made quite strong and still have a distinct taste.

Columbian Select (~pure Columbian bean) coffee from the Keurig 'K-cup' type coffee machine, twice brewed for a 16-20 oz. cup. It is smooth enough that I can drink it with or without cream and sugar.

Kona coffee is my second choice.
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Has anyone else tried coffee made from liquid concentrate? Some of the nursing homes in the area use decaf concentrate. The result is a very smooth tasting coffee that I can actually drink without cream or sugar, and does not taste like paper. It is the only decaf coffee I have found that does not taste like it has paper as an ingredient.

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