Anti-Aircraft Guns Manuals Index Thread

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Mar 26, 2022
Anti-aircraft gun government-release publicly free manuals:
WWII 20-mm Oerlikon Gun maintenance manual IPC range table and drawing including ammunition and mounts:
WWII Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft gun maintenance manual, IPC, range table, and drawings, including ammunition and automatic mounts:
WWII Automatically Aimed 127mm Anti-aircraft gun manuals with WWII era fire control computers controllled turrent:
20mm M97 and 7.62mm Minigun gatling gun with turrent manuals with ipc and diagrams1981 - government public released:
helmet aiming System manuals on AH-1 including maintenance manual and IPC - Government public release:
Army Fuze manual approved for public release - including HEAT fuze and 40-mm PROXIMITY FUZE:
WWII German EZ42 and English Mk5 gun sight system operator and maintenance manual including wiring diagram:
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