Anti-(REAL) Spamming countermeasures...

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Jul 25, 2004
I read in a book that if you are joined to forums, spammers, can use a special "harvesting" program to pick up e-mail addresses for spamming., and that one way to counter this is tlyping your e-mail like: "someone[at sign)". I was wondering if this sort of thing could be adapded into the site's register form/policy perhaps?
So this is a way to stop the bad spammers, not the innocent ones like you and I? If so it sound like a ppretty good idea, if I think I know what you mean that is.
the made that made our computer was telling me about this, i can't remember the address but if you want to join a site where you have to give an e-mail address and you don't want to give your real address you can put in "*whatever you want@*a name i can't actually remember*.com" then go to that site and block that address..................

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