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    When I get back to the U.S. in about 3 months, I think I'm going to sell most of my 1/32 21st century airplanes because I just don't have the room in my new house. I really have to look at which ones I want to keep but could be getting rid of about 10-12 of them.

    Now, here is the possible bad part. They are all out of the box and I don't know if I really want to take the time or expense of properly packaging them up to mail off so this will most likely only be in the Dallas Texas area. They have been in boxes so long I really don't even remember which ones I have. I know I'll keep my Corsair, a Stuka, a Zero, and maybe one or two more. So, from my memory I have......

    1. Maachi 2002
    2. Maachi 2005
    3. 2 or 3 Zero's
    4. 3 Bf-109's
    5. 1 or 2 FW-190
    6. FW-190D
    7. P-47
    8. Spitfire (not 21st Century)
    9. P-40
    10. P-51B
    11. P-51D
    12. Me-262
    There may be some others, I just can't remember. They have all the accessories like the pilot figure and drop tanks (if it came with one)

    I also between 3 and 6 1/32 scale vehicles (tanks and armor) that I'll sell also, but I need to pick when ones I want to keep. I see on Ebay that out of the box 1/32 scale models are selling between $15 and $60. I'm thinking of asking $25 each, which I think is very fair. These where displayed for a bit where I used to work, but have been in boxes for the past 5 years.

    So, is there anyone in the D/FW area that is interested? If so, you can PM me. If you are out of the D/FW area and are interested, I might be motivated to properly box them up and mail them, but I'll have to add in the cost of shipping. The ones I do want to get rid of I want to get rid of them all, not just one here and one there.

    Mods - if this is in the wrong section, please move. If this is not allowed, please accept my apology and delete. Remember, I cannot do anything until I return to the US around April of this year.

    Thanks guys.

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