Anybody watch "That 70s show?"

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Yep. He cracks me up. One of my favorite lines of his:

"I thought I told you to get ready for dinner. Oh, I guess you have a hard time hearing me with your head up your ass." :lol:
o god.. red and fezz? those two... o man... cant say anything right now... cuz tryin not to laugh... ITs HARD!
It was on here a few years ago I recall, I watched like 2 episodes cos at the time I had an obsesion with the 70's. Dont remember it though.
I've seen it. In fact, it was sort of a craze to watch it when I was in the last year of school. But it was on, and still is on, quite late (very late) at night.
i have a friend who's wife talks and laughts like kitty,and she is a red head too!!!!

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