anyone here have a good naval combat simulater

Discussion in 'WW2 General' started by Capt Spanky, Oct 7, 2012.

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    i am looking for a good naval combat simulator to do some what if scenarios. realism of a key feature and decent carrier results.

    or if someone is willing to do the what ifs. i would like to see carrier battles in 42 and 43, but replace the us navy with the british fleet, using the illustrious class carriers.
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    The 1999 game Fighting Steel is still unsurpassed in terms of accurate results in surface warfare simulations. A company called Naval Warfare Simulations adopted fighting Steel after the original publisher abandoned it NWS fixed Fighting Steel's flaws, making it more stable, compatible with later hardware, and most importantly, adding ships that debuted after 1942. NWS called their upgrade the Fighting Steel Project. Fighting Steel with the Fighting Steel Project upgrades is my favorite video game, period. After perfecting Fighting Steel Project, NWS added a turn-based addition to fighting steel called Thunder at Sea. The concept is that you fight your carrier battles with Thunder at Sea, and you hand off to Fighting Steel for the surface warfare. Check out Naval Warfare Simulations here.,mod=0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8. They may still have some copies of Fighting Steel available. You will have to upgrade it yourself by adding the Fighting Steel Project Patches. Thunder at Sea is a separate purchase but works with Fighting Steel.

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