Anyone remember me?

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Airman 1st Class
Feb 24, 2004

My s/n here is Rafe35, I figure some people like Cheddar Cheese, the Lancaster kick ass (still kick ass today), Crazy, Horse[USA], Archer (Is he still around?), etc etc.

I couldn't get my account back because AOL lock up my email and I was hoping someone who is Admin here, would change email address then I could use it again.
I have not see your name before, lesofprimus, but heck it's good to see this place again.
Hiya Pisis <S>!

Really? That's cool that we had same birthday
Well, Got my account back *Finally*

Ah, yes.....The Corsair.....the best Naval fighter! :D

Good to see you Lancaster kicks ass (Still kicking ass today) and Cheddar Cheese (Steve McQueen fan, eh?) :D

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