Ar 234 pictures

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Sep 19, 2005
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I'm looking for pictures of the bomber-destroyer variant, as well as pictures of the rearward facing 20mm guns that the bomber version had. I have looked all through my technical guides, and none of them seem to show where the guns are, or if they do, the view of the aircraft impedes the sight of the guns.
bomber destroyer ? do you mean the waffenpod for ground attack and or the nachtjäger versions. we will cover the latter in our book later. There were of course Jäger experiments that never go off the groud.

what references are you using at present, true the rearward 2cm are not to clear with the active B-2 bomber but also some of the experiments for the B-1 recon and of course all varinats of the C series. I posted a book link to a new book out of Norway but written in English. check the old aviation threads it should b elisted within the last 9 months as a seperate topic.
I'll post later with the books, but it isn't just one book that I cannot find where the 20mms are positioned. True, the books say something about it being in the back end of the plane, and being sighted by mirror sights, but I CANNOT find any pictures of the placement of the guns. And you were right, only the nightfighters and the C-3 variant carried forward firing guns for use against planes.
An old classic is Jets of the Thrid Reich a pre Classic Publications monster volume, covers the whole lot of jets and their multiple variants, and the Ar 234 has at least 30. Full of pics and schematics, shows the gun placements through lined profiles, very cool. Sadly if you can find a copy of this OOP title you will be paying upwards of 400.00 US, it is that rare of a book but wonderful it is ! wish I had a scanner as I would post some diagrams to you.


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