Avro Lancastr drawings and info

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Jul 2, 2006
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More to follow.

Once the crutch was attached by the central locking latch to the bomb, the whole assembly was winched into the bomb bay. Then the electrical circuit was connected to control the release of the bomb.

For larger bombs (2,000 pound + cookies), a special winch was used via access panels in the floor inside the air craft and two men would winch in unison.

The SBU was loaded with either 4lb or 30 lb incendiary bomb sticks in bundles. On release the locking bars would swing away and the sticks free fall away, leaving the container attached as per the crutches for re-use later.

Timing the bomb loads was controlled from the Air Bombers panel located to the starboard side behind the observation blister. The selector rotators are located at the bottom laeft of the picture.

I have included a rare photo showing winching in progress loading food pallets for dropping during Operation Mana, when the RAF fed the Dutch population trapped in a German pocket around Walchern (from memory) from the air.


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great shots !
The one of the loading of sacks might be for operation " manna' when food was dropped to the dutch civilians towards the end of the war.any idea ???

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