B-17 Cockpit Roof Blueprints / Drawings

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hey new member here

im looking for B-52/B-17 blueprints top side and front views of the aircraft

ive got blue prints for the model 18 Beechcraft top side and front view so if anyone wants them feel free to ask and i got that B-17 cutaway picture from that site THX

im making a long range remote controlled bomber that drops water bombs
trying to figure out the terminal velocity of the water balloons so until then...

watch the skies:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

P.S. when i mean long range i mean ike probably a good 15km out with being able to come back
and also my wmail address is [email protected]
Hi guys

If you are after B17 cockpit details, check out Daves absolutely fabtastic B17 cockpit recreation that he's building in his garage ! He may be able to help you with your request. It would be worth joining the ICC (I have with my P51 D cockpit project...oh and the bit about my Harrier cockpit tub is now out of date as I had to sell her recently...credit crunch !).

This is the link to Daves '17... B-17

You should also have a look at the International Cockpit Collectors Club (ICC) as we have a lot of talented people here and also our own annual cockpit collectors get together at Newark... Ops. Board - CockpitFest.

Hope this is of use /help

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