B-25H Question

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Aug 21, 2006
Was reading about the B-25H model's tonight and came up with a couple of questions but no answers to my questions. Maybe some one out there knows more.

They all stem around the 75mm gun it carried.

1. How many shells where carried?
2. How where the shells mounted or carried in the aircraft. Where they mounted on aircraft sides or left in crate's till needed?
3. Where the shells mixed type's? Guessing if so, would they be fragmintion and armor piercing.
4. Does any one have any pictures or drawings of the inside nose section of a B-25H showing the location of the shells and guns.

Thanks in advance
Micdrow :lol:
It carried 21 rounds...


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Thanks lesofprimus

Very interesting stories on this gun. The gun was manually loaded. The gunners hated this gun. Really dont blame them. After fired and the breach opened up all the hot air gases and powder left over flew into the aircraft because of the air pressure down the barrel. Pilots loved it though. From what Ive read the pilot had a gun site but said it was worthless because not a whole lot could stand up to ten 50 calibure machine guns and a 75mm shell landing in the same area.

Any way thanks again


PS You wouldnt by chance know the type of shells would you?

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