Baby's on his/her way

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Senior Master Sergeant
Sep 10, 2006
Jacksonville, NC
Hey all,
Just wanted to let you guys know my wife has started labor, so we'll be going to the hospital soon. Say a few prayers for us. I'll post pics in a couple days when we get back. :D :D :D :D :D

Good luck Matt! Hope all goes well. Just had one last month myself and all is well. No sleep, but other than that all is well.

Keep us posted!
congrats early man ......... a new step for you and your wife and a new little one into the world; best of health

E ~
Congrats from down under.

Sorry if our prayers appear upside down. :lol:

And thus it came to pass, sleep has endeth.
Good luck man.

I'll be prayin' for ya.
good luck man, rest assured all our thoughts are with you!

just one thing- what did your wife have to say about her being in labour and you, instead of taking her to the hospital, coming online to tell a bunch of aviation nerds exactily what's happening :lol:
Who you callin' a nerd you solopsist young punk. I will have you know that I am aware of one non-cyber person who is interested in aviation to the level that corresponds with this forum.

Doink. Geez, the outlandish daring of youth today. :sad3:

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