back from the Mtn's ....

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
gosh I hope this is viewable as I am not really PC literate so it may need reduction. Columbines flowering in profusion from my Backpack trip. elevation around 10,200 feet on the west side of Box lake. fishing was crap and the Mosquito's were hellaish, reminds me of a spot many years ago in the orient......


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heres a big pic of some blue lupine. like I said the flowers really put on a show. beautiful country of the little lakes valley, a bit marshy though for my tastes but good to see the Sierra get dumped with snow this past winter.....they have been needing it. Eric go in august the latter half for R and R and then no bugs........well hopefully. this is the usual time we go up for our climbs


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Great pics mate. Tommorrow I'll show some of mine macros from this Spring.

BTW, how to spell "tommorrow" right? I think I have one r or m more...
those are coming later man as I am trying to download off two seperate CD's. More mtn pics and lakes than of us slobs......sorry.

This PC stuff for an old fart like me is mind boggling but that is ok. My PC is running like dirt right now and I am leaving again for some seminars for a week. Geez wish I could stay put for a day and kick back. am hopeful to interview 1~2 Me 262 jet killers while I attend between counseling seminars

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