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Nov 5, 2005
As Chris (Mod) has suggested I am making a banned thread. So people can ask or find out about people who were banned. I think it was a good idea by Chris, communication is very good thing. Mods run the show here but communication between them and members is a good idea.

I will add perhaps this could be a thread that banned people can post (I believe it possible to allow that, I have allowed such things on a forum I run), so they can give their side of the story. But then again the Mods run the site so they might not want that.

Good idea Chris about this thread.
There is no need for discussion of anyone's banning. Besides, it typically is self-evident in their posting. Once they are banned, they stay that way and will not be allowed to post here, in any thread. This thread is closed.
No Hunter that is not what I meant. I never suggested that a thread be started to discuss why people were banned.

I suggested to Soren to discuss his problem someplace else and not in that thread.

Soren took this upon himself to start such a thread.

Do not use my name in such a thing at all! Now I am pissed!
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