Battle of the Atlantic Sunday.

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
The first Sunday of May is here again, and we pay homage to the veterans of that theatre of WWII that we now refer to as the Battle of the Atlantic. Corvettemen, destroyermen, merchant seamen, air force maritime and coastal patrol crews; all who gave themselves to keeping the goods flowing to the boys overseas.

Here in Halifax, verterans of the RCN, Merchant Navy, and RCAF will march to the Sailors Memorial joined by naval contingents, myself included. HMCS Sackville, the last Flower Class corvette in the world, will be offshore for the salute as she always is. A fitting tribute to the Allied sailors who left this port and others, bound for Great Britain loaded to the gunwales with supplies and war goods.

To those who served, and to those who still rest in the waters of the North Atlantic. :salute:


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It's good to see that some people still remember the pivotal event in the middle of the sea, unfortunately not enough emphasis will be put on the contributions of the airmen flying from escort carriers and from coastal bases. Just take the efforts of Sqn Leader Bulloch- the only pilot to sink 2 U-Boots in one sortie
I for one do consider it an honour.

mosquitoman said:
...unfortunately not enough emphasis will be put on the contributions of the airmen flying from escort carriers and from coastal bases.
They're certainly not forgotten. RCAF vets always attend these ceremonies too, and stand right up there with the naval veterans.
No decent pics I'm afraid. Due to the crappy weather, they moved the ceremony indoors this year to the Naval Reserve unit HMCS Scotian. As it was, they requested that only the official photographers snap any photos, to minimize disruption of the ceremony. Scotian is a bit small and cramped, so I could understand their point I guess.

Sackville still took her place offshore opposite the memorial for the wreath laying ceremony as well as a veteran's burial at sea, but by the time I got down there after the ceremonies she was long gone. A shame really, because she's hauled off the wall so seldom and it would have made a splendid shot.

I'll just throw these few mediocre pics here anyway. This is down by the Sailors Memorial in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax's south end, overlooking the approaches. They were taken well after the memorial ceremony at Scotian, and the wreaths will be moved here later.


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