BBQ Grillin' - Jersey Style

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The Pop-Tart Whisperer
Feb 19, 2007
Southern New Jersey
No fancy utensils or Webers here! And don't cost much none neither!


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I've seen people try to cook burgers on an oven rack (unsuccessfully). And down the Jersey beaches, a rake would be about par for the course during senior week.
Its where all the High School seniors cut class and party down the shore, mostly Wildwood. kinda like Spring Break is for college nuts.

And Tim I'm afraid yur right. All kinds a stuff we'll try here!! :lol:
Man Jaco, if I had any relative in Jersey, I woulda shot, gutted and processed them for meat packing a looooong time ago...

As if the stock spawned from Long Island is Grade A material ;)

At least we've proved our resistance to toxic chemicals and other manufacturing byproducts.

My wife just bought some "Jersey Blueberries" at the store down here. I didn't even know they grew them up there. I haven't had one yet, but I'm expecting some oil/carbon residual aftertaste.
I've seen more toothless individuals here in NW Florida (or Lower Alabama) than I have ever seen in my life... NJ is no comparison when speaking of lacking in the dental department. :D
Dont u go and try to burst my little bubbleized worldwide stereotype of u New Jesey scumbags with the whole "Alabama has got more toothless than Jersey" diatribe, cause Alabama's' tooth decay is from inbreeding, not toxic contaminants...

Whole different ballgame, like comparing Prosciutto to a Vagina...

Which reminds me of Trenton for some odd reason...

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