Been here one year. :D

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The Jagdflieger Pips

Airman 1st Class
Aug 1, 2004
New Jersey
I just realised I've been on the forum for a whole year now. :shock: Nothing big of course, but it's sad I can't tell Spitfires from Hurricanes. :lol:

After today, this can be deleted if there isn't some funny off topic stuff going on. :lol:

Edit: Okay. If there isn't spam going on. :lol: Which I'm sure there will be.
Congrats on anniversary Pips mate but sorry to say that but you should less do spamming and more learn recognizing aircraft. If you want, I've created (well, in fact just remade...) a small program called "shadows", which shows you the nearby flying profiles of various aircraft and you can choose from three options which plane is it. This might help you to learn more about planes! If you want it, just send me 100 USD and it's yours!
:lol: I'm just kidding/spamming! Just type down your email adress and I¨ll send it, if ya want - it's some 2+ Megabytes (the main exe and some support files). ;)
Don't the time fly when your enjoying yourself JP I've learned lots since i joined, the whizzy thing on the pointy end is the hair screw and the sticky out bits on the sides are the whinges another couple of years and I'll be able to tell you why it doesn't fall down
:oops: So, the thing is that: I've looked for it both on my PC and laptop but didn't find anything... There are possibilities:

-It was deleted during reinstall of Windows a half year back
-It is on one of my HDD's which aren't currently connected
-It is on some other PC (we have four overall in our house)
-It is on some CD
-It is there but packed, under different name, hidden(?)...

So you'll have to abandon the idea of playing it now and give me some time. I have some translation for cash to be done until Sunday, so then I'll look for it. If not, remind me please!

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