Belly Scoops!

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Mar 2, 2005
Berlin (Kreuzberg)
I am searching for the early and late models. Some of that was discussed earlier on this board, namely by RG_Lunatic with knowledge.
What do You think of it? Was it worth the money invested?

BTW, the earliest application of a belly scoop can be found in Junker´s J-1 and J-2, 1915-16. The technical commission found the tool too heavy and complicated for any practical purpose (Hugo Junkers claimed it could help reduce the drag produced by the cooler) and hence it was abandoned by the J-7. It can be seen on the attached pictures (source for the picture (domain free):
Bild:Junkers J2.jpg - Wikipedia
-never knew this- Is there any other mentioning before 1915?


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