Best Bomber of ww2

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1) Boeing B-29 Superfortress
2) Avro 683 Lancaster (No.1 at night and in Europe)
3) Handley Page Halifax
4) Boeing B-24 Liberator
5) Boeing B-17 Flying fortress

please note the B-24 and halifax are so close they can be interchanged...........

please don't say the B-17 was the best, as the site's biggest bomber fan it's a topic i fell very strongly about, because apart from it's armour and armorment and ceiling it sucked.............
I hate to say this - but the question is so subjective. The best bomber - in what role? For which characteristics? Like all equipment, there are flaws and strengths.

Really, it can be put down to this. If its known about, it was a pretty good aircraft, as anything that was U/S has faded into deserved obscurity.
I think that US had really good bombers
B-29 and B-17 where the best
I also like Ju-88 although it is inferior
My favorite is:


Douglas A-26b Invader - 3 seat attack bomber
Powerplant: Two 2,000 hp (1491-kW) Pratt Whitney R-2800-79 Double Wasp radial piston engines
Maximum Speed: 355 mph (600 km/h) at 15,000 ft (4750m)
Climb (Initial): 2,000 (610) ft /min
Service Ceiling: 21,100 ft (6736m)
Range: 1,400 miles (2253 km) with max bomb load
Weights - Empty: 22,370 lb (10145 kg), Max Overload: 38,500lb (17460 kg)
Dimensions- Span: 70 ft (21.34m), Length: 51 ft 3 in (15.62m), Height: 18 ft 3 in (5.56m), Wing Area: 540 sq ft (50.17m2)
Armament: Up to 22 x 0.5-in (12.7mm) machine guns
Bomb Load: 4,000lb (1818 kg) and up to 8 x 5" HVAR's.

It had two remote turrets and the same computing gunsight system as used on the B-29. And, after dropping its payload, it was almost as manuverable as a fighter! About 700 or so made it into WWII, mostly operated out of Italy. Versions of this plane remained in US combat duty until 1969 and some are still used to fight fires.


I know the b-29 ended the war but the b-17 was there early in the war
without it the b-29 might not have been
cheddar cheese said:
RG, I prefer the A-20 to the A-26, but both were good 8)

Why would you prefer the A-20 to the A-26? The A-26 is the next generation A-20. Kinda like prefering the Wildcat to the Hellcat.


B-29 and B-17 where the best

i agree with the B-29 part but the B-24 was better than the B-17 an is always forgotten.........

i'm still interested in hearing peoples arguments for the B-17...............

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