Best driving song

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Apr 14, 2005
niagara falls
do you have a song that always seems to make you drive a wee bit faster
for me Radar of Love by Gold Earring and Deep Purples Highway Star and Lazy seem to get me going a little quicker
Here is some great road trip songs.

Love me for the Money - AC/DC
You Shook Me all Night Long - AC/DC
Turn the Page - Bob Seger
Turn the Page - Metallica (Bob Seger)
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) - Alabama
Ramblin Man - Allman Brothers
Feel Like Making Love - Bad Company
Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi
Dont Look Back - Boston
On the Road Again - Canned Heat
Highway Star - Deep Purple
Riders on the Storm - The Doors
I Cant Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
Wheel in the Sky - Journey
Mama Im Coming Home - Ozzy
Crazy Train - Ozzy
Wherever I may Roam - Metallica
Keep My Motor Running - Eddie Monie
Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf
"Red Barchetta" by Rush. It always makes my '69 Camaro go a wee bit faster than I want it to....

Cowboy song from Thin Lizzy ............ turn that thing up LOUD !

YES... one of my favorite songs!!!!!!!!! It gets me smiling everytime.

I'll ad "whiskey in a jar" - Metallica's version

"Bad Motor Scooter" by Montrose
Rumour sprendin' 'roun
in that Texas town
'bout that shack outside La Grange
and you know what I'm talkin' about.
Just let me know
if you wanna go
to that home out on the range.
They gotta lotta nice girlzzzz-uh.

One of my most favorite ZZ tunes. I love those guys. Highly underrated.

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