Best Food

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May 12, 2005
What do you all think is the best food you have ever tasted. :)
Meat, now the best food for me is to put a sheep rib on the fire and BBQ it and then after that make cheese, anion and tomato sandwitches that you toast on the fire.

My best food tipe is meat, meat and meat again. If someone steals my TV I will be pissed, but if he steals my meat I will kill the SoB.

Yep, BBQ are a word that we do not use we call it braai. You say the AAI part like you say lie. I love to put my meat on the fire and something that is also great is patato salad with onions in it.

If there are left overs and someone ate my peace of T-mone steak I will make sure they are sorry, never take my meat, if it is a left over you will realy pay then.

Same here and especially if its fajitas that are left over.

And if someone does eat them, all hell breaks loose. :evilbat:
Here ya go syscom...


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lesofprimus said:
Pizza in Times Square, New York City....
Sabrett Hotdogs (Push Cart)....
Warm New York Bagels....
Marinated Ribeye Steaks....
Lobster Tails and King Crab Legs....

An Austrian made tuna salad in Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria. And yes, the restaurant was owned and run by Austrians. That was the best meal I have ever had.
Now sea food is not so nice, but I love lobster, oysters, Roll Mops and calamari rings/calamari steak.

Les you were right when you said pizza, I love the Italian pizza's.


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