Best Maritime Patrol Aircraft of WW2

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The Cat participated in all theaters during WW2 (With the exception of the Russian Front ;)) destroyed subs, ships, picked up downed airmen, reconnaissance (found the Bismark and the Japanese fleet at Midway) conducted conventional bombing and even torpedo strikes. The Lib and and the Sunderland performed well, but the Cat, thought to be totally obsolete, in my opinion proved its worth ten-fold by performing functions that it's original designers wouldn't of dreamed of!
1000 miles range or 9 + hours flying time with extra fuel tank wasn't bad for a relitively smallish plane and with a stall speed of only around 60-70 kts it was ideal for stooging around targets.
When throttled back in a shallow dive almost as quiet as a glider ideal for night attacks.
I would go for either a BV-138 C, Bv-(Ha)- 139, Bv-222 or a Bv-238 for the Luftwaffe and G4M Betty for JNF. They do have extremely well figures and a range of more than 3000 miles. And they did fish up seaman or rescued pilots.
Factoring the numbers deployed my choice would be the Catalina, too!
And look at the Cat's record - TONS of enemy shipping sunk. Not bad for a plane that could barely get out of its own way! :rolleyes:

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