best muscle car ever

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May 12, 2005
Hey what do ya'll guys think was the best muscle car ever?

Barracuda :D

Ok, maybe it wasnt the best but its certainly the best looking. 8)


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1970 SS Chevelle with the LS6 454

1969 Z28 Camaro with the 302.

1968-1970 Roadrunner with 440 6 pack.

1970 'Cuda or Challanger with 426 Hemi

1969-1970 Boss 429 Mustang

1972 Trans Am 455SD

1969-70 Boss 302 Mustang

1969 Vette 427 L88

1957 Chevy 283
El Camino, 1970 454 SS model. 450 horsepower from the get go. And ya gotta love the red styling with two thick black racing stripes going down the middle. Or, the Silver with two thick black racing stripes. I'll get a picture of this lovely machine soon, its on the other account on my cpu.
I'm not into cars as much as into aircraft but I do have a small collection of 1/32 Bburago model cars...


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The Shelby GT500 '67 is my favourite. The Stingrays aren't half bad either in my opinion - funnily enough the '67 is probably my favourite there too.
evangilder said:
Umm, I am not a car expert, but isn't the 302 a Ford engine, not a Chevy? I though the Camaro came with a 350 in 1968.

They both had 302 engines.

Both were designed for the trans am racing series with Ford deciding to use it as a general production motor. Chevy on the other hand, decided to use it strictly for the Camaro Z28
JCS said:
Barracuda :D

Ok, maybe it wasnt the best but its certainly the best looking. 8)

OMG! I had one the same color - mine was a 340 but it was in mint condition. A Plymouth dealer paid me $500.00 to disply it on his showroom floor. My license plate was XCUDAX.

I also had a 69' GTX with a 440 Commando, 375 hp. I'll try to find pictures and scan them....

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