Best possible fighter

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
ok so you can make you dream WWII single engined fighter by taking different aspects of different planes, the only rules are as we're talking about single engined fighters all aspects must be taken from singled fighters and no more than two aspects from each plane, i realise that's a bit confusing so observe:-

manouverability- A6M5 Zero
Range- A6M5 zero
Durability- P-47D thunderbolt
Ease of repair and manufacture- Hawker Hurricane
Speed- Do-335 Pfiel
armourment- Fw-190
payload- stuka
ceiling- Ta-152H

that's all i can think of at the moment, you see what i mean now.......
kinda takes the fun out of it, and the P-38 doesn't have all the best charactoristics for twin engined planes....................
My hero, test pilot Jan Zurakowski, said it was a cross between a P-51 and a V-2! Looks like a big Mustang with a Griffon engine.Damn! Wish I had a scanner!
Fusalage of a 110 ,
only 1 engine , (in the nose of course)
no rear gunner ,
109 K-6 engine ,
2 20mm in the wingroots ,
2 7.9mm in the nose ,
tail like the 109 ,
SC500 payload (fighter bomber aspect) ,
armament like a 190 ,
Range like a zero ,
shorter wings than 110 (curved at the ends too )

thats my dream fighter , :D
Ill call it the Bf-112 :p
cheddar cheese said:
It has the characteristics I want though...

And you know it would be impossible to have that plane, sertaings contradict each other.

i'll be under table if anybody wants me :lol:
Cheddar cheese, if you want a twin, how about a Whirlwind with Merlins? Or Griffons? Fix up the wierd fuel delivery system and you've got a worldbeater!
That's easy... (I assume we are restricting this to props right?)

I'd take an F8F Bearcat, which is largely based on the FW-190A series (basically a 190A-Hellcat hybrid) but with the much better US P&W 2800 C series engine. Add in NO2 injection from the 109K/Ta152, and arm it with 6 x B20 cannon from the LA7-FNV with 200 rpg (these were not the most potent cannon, but they were quite light so 6 could easily be fitted).

The result would be a 475 mph class fighter that could climb at nearly 7,000 feet per minute, turn on a dime, had excellent durability, and spit out 80 rounds per second of 20mm. And it could operate off a carrier deck too!



PS: F4U was tougher than the P-47 (USAAF determination after post-war testing)

PPS: The quick change engine on the F4U and F6F probably made these easier to maintain than the Hurc. It only took a few hours to swap out an engine.

PPPS: I don't think any liquid cooled engine is a contender... air cooled engines were just so much more rugged. One hit to the radiator of a liquid cooled plane and it's done in 5 minutes. But a radial could have a cylinder or two blown off and still make it hundreds of miles back to base.
R Pope said:
Cheddar cheese, if you want a twin, how about a Whirlwind with Merlins? Or Griffons? Fix up the wierd fuel delivery system and you've got a worldbeater!

Unfortunately the lanc said we're not allowed 2 engines, he spoils all my fun :(

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