Best ship buster.....

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Jan 9, 2004
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In your opinions what was the best ship buster of the war? There were many effective planes; the Beaufighter and SM.79 to name a couple.

Discuss :D
there were many that were used for maritime recon. such as the Fw-200, sunderland and B-24, but they didn't "ship bust"
it occasionally bombed merchant shipping but it's primary role was to direct U-boats onto the ships, it tried to stay fay away from enemy fire or action because it had shockingly poor damage tollerance for a 4 engined plane...............
It was used to bomb ships - therefore it is classifie as a ship buster. Any plane that was used to bomb ships of any form counts in this category...
well in that case the sunderland, cat and B-24 are up for this title, as are most planes.........

my vote goes to the Avro lancaster..................
It was used to bomb ships - therefore it is classifie as a ship buster

it sunk the tirpitz, as well as U-boats when in dock, as such, it's busted ships, as such, it's qualifies as a ship buster using you classification.............

my vote remains.............
And even then you think its better than busting ships than a Beaufighter or Sparviero

Ok then, change it to planes that had ship busting as their primary role.
When you think of ship-busters, you should really look at the Pacific, as the Navy planes were doing one hell of a job doing that. I would say the TBF/TM Avenger. It was designed to carry torpedoes and bust ships.

There was also a B-25 that was developed in New Zealand by Pappy Gunn and Jack Fox that carried a 75mm cannon on board. That must have been one heck of a jolt when that gun fired! I will have to see if I can dig out the story of it's first use. Three of them attacked some Japanese warships and before the Japanese knew what hit them, a battleship was down.

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