Best way to do bare-metal?

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Dec 4, 2006
I've got a few P-51s on my "to-do" list (about 2 dozen to be exact), I'm looking for suggestions on the best (read- easy and consistent) way to do a bare-metal finish on a 1/48 scale model. I usually do OD/Gray paintjobs, but most of these ones are later-war ones that are NMF.

I've tried the-stick on foil and just spraying them silver before, but the foil is hard to work with and the silver paint usually goes on too thick and looks like crap.

Does anyone use that "metallizer" stuff from Testors? Hows it work?

In need of help here.
We've used the metalizer stuff on our big giant scale rc P-51. I used it to simulate Stainless steel around the exhaust. I also used other colors to add weathering. We used an aluminum powder with adhesive for the majority of the aluminum finish called skinny dip. It's extrememly fine powder that you rub on after applying adhesive. It works great. You have to mask off each panel and rub the direction you want the grain to go..It's really cool stuff and weighs nothing. Takes a lot of time .
Very nice site. I think there is everything on the topic.
PearlJamNoCode: May be worth testing the Alclad paint on something not important. There are useage instructions at the Alclad site too.
Hello there, I am very new on the site so I still don't know my way around, but I thought of contributing to this discussion by dropping a couple of hints and by posting a photo of my latest model, a Mustang painted with Alclad.

Indeed the only way to do this is by airbrush set at a very low pressure. They are by far the best paints for the job so I think you should give it a try.(Just make sure that you use the regular range because the hi-shine range is completely different) I sprayed directly on the model without any primer and the outcome came out just great.

if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. By the way the model is not finished yet....

Yes,this model looks very impressive.Well done.:)

But ,I have a question.What is the scale and what kind of enamels you used?
Thank you.. It is a Tamiya 1/48. I used the Tamiya olive drab as a basic colour and Gunze Olive drab mixed with a couple of drops of RLM 02 for the shading.(Being a Luftwaffe fan I had to use some German colour in this model :D ) Next I applied a coat of "future". I then did a "wash" with oil colours such as black and burnt amber. For the metal surfaces I used Alclad white aluminium and dark aluminium for some panels.

Alclad is based on very strong solvents (Xylene i guess...) so it smells very much. I suggest that you spray it outside and wear a paint mask. Except for the excellent result you can "wash" with oil colours directly and there is no need to apply a varnish.
Thank you very much... Here are some more of the engine and landing gear. The model needs some more work to be done so I suppose I could post some more when it is finished.




However since I don't think we should deviate from the original subject I guess that this might also be useful


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