Best WWII Air-Force

Best WWII Air-Force

  • Royal Air Force

    Votes: 72 22.0%
  • Luftwaffe

    Votes: 104 31.8%
  • United States Air Force

    Votes: 132 40.4%
  • Royal Australian Air Force

    Votes: 9 2.8%
  • Regia Aeronautica

    Votes: 5 1.5%
  • Royal New Zealand Air Force

    Votes: 8 2.4%
  • Royal Canadian Airforce

    Votes: 15 4.6%
  • Chinese Air Force

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Russian Air Force

    Votes: 13 4.0%
  • Japanese Air Force

    Votes: 4 1.2%

  • Total voters

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Out of all the combatants of WWII, which had the best air force?
Being as impartial as i can I believe the USAAF/USN were the best air arms of WW2 I really can't see any argument to point towards any other air arm. Numbers Quality and Logistics made them the winning combination
Good point, but I believe that the RAF was the best, considering they beat back the German onslaught during the Battle of Britain, outnumbered enormously
could the RAF accomplish the same thing as the USAAF in all theatres of the war . The Usaaf the dominant force in both the ETO and PTO what else can you say .That is something I don't think any other force could say
I've asked myself this question since I was 10 years old.

I could almost say the Brits just for the Battle of Britain, truely a monumental feat whose glory belongs to humanity not just the British.

The American's list of world-beating attributes is much too long list but the fact is that they didn't hit their stride until mid 1943.

The Germans on the other hand were consistently fearsome from start to finish. Lack of resourses in the face of over whelming numbers and convoluted high German Command strategy were their demise.

The poll is not "what nation had the economy to support a massive air force" Imagine the Luftwaffe with the GMP of the USA behind them!

I hate to say it but the Germans have it for innovation, tenacity, creativity and effect from start to finish.

Yes Flyboy---The Finns get honorable mention
If the US didnt enter the War in Europe, the Brits would be speaking German and the Eifel Tower would be flying the Swastica...

Our Allied friends are tired of hearing that...

And if the French didn't help out the Contenental Army, Americans would be speaking English.... I mean Starbucks would be known for its tea and "Americans" would be known for their terrible food.

"Lafayette we are here!"
Too bad, cause its the truth...

LES: Yes, but imagine a never-ending onslaught of "we saved you"...

It's as tiresome as the jackass in the Louvre taking flash photos of the Mona Lisa while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shouting "we saved your asses!"

Our histories are intertwined..... No debt... no allegiance... friends don't thank friends.

The French dudes saved us way back when! now they're pricks....

But we owe thanks... Now there is China... lets rock
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Well here is how I look at it. I think the Luftwaffe had the best aircraft and innovations as Comiso said. However my vote has to go to the USAAF for only one reason and one reason alone.

It was able to take the battle to the Germans. Without that, the Luftwaffe may have prevailed in my opinion.
I would agree Alder the Germans had the best aircraft but in terms of logistics etc there were no match for the USAAF (or the RAF to a lesser extent). Thus overall I will go with the USAAF for the ability to take the battle to the Germans as well as having the best logistical back up to keep them flying.
What about Russia air force!? In my opinion they had best airplanes, after luftwafe, on the allied side!!
What aircraft did the Russians have that were better than the Luftwaffe, RAF, and USAAF? Can you please inform me of this because I can think of any really...
What about Russia air force!? In my opinion they had best airplanes, after luftwafe, on the allied side!!
Its nice to have good planes, and a huge airforce, but if many of your pilots and officers are basically the air equivalent of suicide charge people then all's for naught, because many will be lost for little gain in the begginning.
The USAAF was definitely the most powerful airforce in the world in 1945. But I think they had a lot of outdated and mediocre planes in 1941 when they got involved with the war. They were not very well prepared for it. So if this is only about 1944/45 I would vote the USAAF, but not for the whole length of the war.

The Russians won because they were willing to sacrifice more men then any other country in the world. That makes you victorious, but does that make you good? I don't think so.

The Luftwaffe was very good indeed, but they lacked any strategic capability and suffered a lot from bad strategic decisions.

The Japanese airforce quickly showed they were not up to the task and couldn't defend their country from US bombers.

Italian... hmm, don't know much positive about them, but maybe you can teach me. The had some nice planes later in the war, but that alone also doesn't make you the best overall.

Most of the "Royals" mentioned here I usually see as something belonging to the RAF. But then again, I might need some eduction on that.

Chinese got beaten by the Japanese. Needed help form US volunteers and RAF to survive.

That leaves the RAF. At the start of the war they had some of the most modern planes of the world (just like the Germans). Contrary to the germans, they developed a huge strategic capability during the war, and also close air support. So I'll vote for them.

By the way, Les, I think europe would have spoken Rusky if it wasn't for the US. Russia would eventually have beaten the germans after some time due to sheer manpower

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