Bf-108 in japanese markings

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Aug 21, 2006
I found this Bf-108 in this russian magazine I downloaded and printed out years ago. One of the pictures is a Bf-108 in Japanese markings. I know that the Germans exchanged technology with the Japanese and after the Germans surrendered the Russians declared war on Japan. The picture was supposidly taken in China and captured by the Russians.

Couple of questions come to mind. Any help would be appreciated.

1. Any idea on what the unit colors are that the airplane is painted in?
2. How many Bf-108's went to the Japanese?
3. What where there werk numbers?

Bottom picture is the magazines name for source.

Thanks again :lol:



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Well I found part of the answers to some of the questions. Japan received 21 aircraft. of which 15 machines went to Manchuian Airlines.

Still have no idea on what werk numbers went or the identy of the markings of the one above. It looks to have military markings to me.

Micdrow :rolleyes:
For those that sent me private emails asking about this I finally have an update.

Found this profile in the magazine Revi Japanese WWII aircraft in color by Martin Ferkl volume one. According to the profile it was flown by a civilian operator. The fuselage side supports donation Aikolu Number 258.


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Cool Paul !!! :D :D
Were these mentioned 21 aircraft of Bf108 only or there are included other (Bf109,Fw-190) types?
THX :D I remember the thread.I've tried to find the Werk nummer of the Bf108 but failed so far.I found out that one of Japanese Bf108s was tested by AAEC and it was B-1 version.Besides I went through some Russian sites and there wasn't any info on this particular Bf108.But found the profiles.


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