Bf 109H-V54 1:32 based on 21st Century G14

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Feb 2, 2009
Southern Germany
I always wanted to add a high altitude Bf 109 to my collection. Sadly there are no pictures of this plane and drawings you can get differ from each other in many respects. At last I decided to build it after a drawing I found in Thomas H. Hitchcocks "The Focke Wulf Ta 152". The V54 was based on a G-5 type. I took a 21st Century Bf 109 G-14 as abase. The fuselage is almost unchanged apart from the tail making things a bit easier.

Bf 109 H V-54_1.jpg

The 21 Century kit may be a little mediocre but it is cheap. I would hate slaughtering a Hasegawa kit whwn there is a real possibility of desaster.

Bf 109 H V-54_2.jpg

Let's start with the wings. You have to construct a new centerpiece section with has no dehedral.

Bf 109 H V-54_3.jpg

Bf 109 H V-54_4.jpg

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As you can see there is much room for detailing the century kit. The wheel well is an empty duct. I tried to detail it with some strips rods and tube.

Bf 109 H V-54_05.jpg

Bf 109 H V-54_06.jpg

Bf 109 H V-54_07.jpg
:thumbright: Michael I did find this line drawing if this is any help?


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I wonder what the main gear attached to out there?
High Vaugham,
thanks for the drawing of the H1. Iknow this pic and many more others. This build will be mostly guesswork anyway untill a picture of the real ac. will turn up. There is very little hope. I choose Hitchcocks drawing necause it is the most simple of all and hopefully the most easely to do.

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